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PNJ and Palexy form alliance to tackle the increasingly data-driven business world

Major jewelry brand in Vietnam joins Palexy's long list of partners.

Ho Chi Minh City. -- March 16, 2020 -- Thanks to the government's effective containment and treatment of Covid-19, Vietnam's is one of the rare few economies in the world that will thrive this year. As the Vietnam market reopens after the Covid-related hiatus, a number of retailers including PNJ turn to AI technology for a speedy recovery and long-term growth.

PNJ (abbreviation for Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company) was founded in 1988 with a main focus on the retail of jewelry made from silver, gold, and other gemstones including diamond. Since then, the company has branched into fashion accessories, watches, the trading and evaluation of gold bars and other precious metals and stones, and the real estate business. The pride of Vietnam's jewelry production, PNJ ranked 16 on the list of the 500 biggest jewelry companies in the world according to Plimsoll Publishing.

Ever since its inception, PNJ has maintained its status as the industry leader in Vietnam. While the diverse designs are a blend of both timeless, classic beauty and contemporary spirit, the business has always stayed ahead of the curve. With 350 stores across the country, PNJ constantly updates its brand image and strives to perfect its services. Employing Palexy's AI Analytics software reflects the company's commitment to progress and modernization.



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