Diagnose Store Health:

Diagnose the retailers’ pain points by measuring various metrics with revealing insights of Store Traffic, Conversion Rate, Staff Interaction, Customer Demographics, etc.,. Pinpoint the problems and provide effective treatments for sustainable growth.

Optimize staffing and customer services:

Reduce operational costs while maintaining the quality of service with statistics from traffic patterns, shopping habits, and trends.

Evaluate staff performances:

Derive quantitative answers to staff-related questions such as “How frequently do they interact with customers?”,” Have we trained them to interact successfully?”,”What is the best Customer/Staff ratio to maximize sales?”


      35% Increase in Transactions by Staffing Optimization

      Couple TX started using Palexy tools, it made the switch from monitoring performance based on the amount of transactions to using Conversion Rate. At that point, Couple TX realized that there were a good deal of missed sale opportunities to be addressed. The challenge was to prevent lost sales when the number of experienced staff was limited.


      Sustainable Profit Growth By Staff Re-Scheduling

      A leading Cosmetics retailer achieved a 33% reduction in payroll costs while maintaining a healthy Conversion Rate, thanks to accurate forecasts of how many staff needed for each shift at each store.

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    Measure and improve your merchandising impact

    Loss Prevention

    Catch frauds early and minimize sales loss with automatic alerts

    Retail Management

    Monitor staff performance. Prevent missing opportunities


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