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Beginning of a new partnership between Boo and Palexy

Despite some lagging induced by Covid-19, one of Vietnam's trendiest fashion brands incorporate AI solutions into its long-term growth plans.

Ho Chi Minh City. -- July 24, 2020 -- In a sea of mass-produced apparels with predictable designs churned out year after year, Boo has always appealed to customers with peculiar tastes, thanks to a mixture of strong brand identity and unyielding creativity. In 2003, founder Do Viet Anh opened his first clothing store. In 2009, he established the company Bo Sua by Boo with a unique inspiration: to create quirky streetwear with a distinctly Vietnamese flavor. His simple T-shirts with interesting images such as a packet of instant noodles or a pair of rubber slippers, so redolent of the common life in Vietnam, were instant hits and still a brand's signature now.

As the company thrives, the product roster continues to grow. In 2019, the company rebranded as Boo as part of its mission to develop a more modern and chic identity. Boo's designs are praised for blending the culture of Vietnam with a contemporary spirit, and for the superb quality which helps dispelling the notion that Vietnam-produced clothes are poorly made. With over forty stores in sixteen cities and provinces, Boo certainly lives up to the founder's original vision. The company also leads environmental efforts to be more green, both company-wise and in junction with other organizations.

After a run of productive trials, Boo and Palexy have officially commenced their partnership. This milestone demonstrates Boo's evident resolve to adopt a data-oriented approach to its business and gain a foothold among its competitors in the future.



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