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Guardian and Palexy become strategic partners

Palexy continues to branch out as its solutions prove highly versatile to a number of verticals.

Ho Chi Minh City. -- September 4th, 2020 -- As summer approaches its end, the Vietnam retail sector heats up. Guardian, a highly illustrious global player has joined the country's AI Analytics race with Palexy by its side as a trusty ally.

Guardian, also known as Mannings in some countries and territories, is a major retail chain that specializes in beauty and health care products. It is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong, its place of origin, consisting of more than 350 outlets and having won numerous awards for its excellent services. There are a total of 2322 Guardian stores in Asia as of 2018. The company operates under Dairy Farm International Holdings, a large multi-brand group that involve notable names such as Giant (hypermarkets), 7-Eleven (convenience stores), and IKEA (home furnishing stores), mostly in the Pan Asian region.

Guardian began its journey in Vietnam in 2011. The selection is diverse, featuring more than 500 world-famous brands from leading consumer goods companies such as Unilever, L'Oreal, P&G, etc., Combining top-notch products and services, Guardian brings a breath of fresh air to Vietnam's blooming personal care market. Vietnam, with the fastest expanding middle class in South East Asia, also presents Guardian with plenty of opportunities for growth. Over a decade, Guardian has opened almost 100 stores in Vietnam, nearly half of which are located in Ho Chi Minh city.

Impressive number as that is, Guardian has not been hasty in its expansion. Though already an established retailer, Guardian has approached Vietnam's developing beauty market with a sense of caution, preferring to slowly build its reputation among urban consumers. One of its business strategies highlights ever improving customer services. As the managing director of Guardian Vietnam, Le Huynh Phuong Thuc, once put it, the brand's supreme goal is to become a reliable presence among Vietnam's beauty buyers by providing them with good quality, good services, and good value. Palexy's Solutions, which provide comprehensive tools for retailers to get to know their customers better, align perfectly with that goal.



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