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Hoang Phuc and Palexy to begin new partnership

Palexy continues the long streak of serving clients in the fashion sector.

Ho Chi Minh City. -- February 2, 2020 -- Retailers in Vietnam are looking at a great year ahead. According to The Economist, Vietnam is safe from the economic fallout of Covid-19. Since the beginning of May, stores have started the process of cautiously re-opening. Despite the initial slump, many have found that customers are eager to return to the normal beat. Meanwhile, Palexy's AI Solutions prove greatly beneficial for fashion businesses as another high-profile retailer joins the clientele.

Hoang Phuc International, or Hoang Phuc for short, has made its name as a prestigious apparel and accessory distributor in Vietnam for 30 years. Among its many brands are Dr. Martens, United Colors of Benetton, Kappa, and Clarks - energetic fashion labels geared towards the young and trendy.

Unsurprisingly, Hoang Phuc's core philosophy also aligns with its youthful products. Hoang Phuc pioneers modern values such as eco-friendly packaging, giving back to society via youth training, and Vietnamese sports sponsorship. More than any brand, Hoang Phuc is most receptive to the use of progressive technology in business. Leading a more data-based approach to retail is also congruent with the direction Hoang Phuc aims to take. Palexy's advanced AI software fits perfectly with Hoang Phuc's imminent mission.



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