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Phong Vu signs new contract with Palexy

A big player is slated to become Palexy's first client in the electronics sector.

Ho Chi Minh City. -- June 29, 2020 -- In 1997, Phong Vu began its trajectory as a humble computer store while the Vietnam's digital market was still in its infancy. After 23 years of rapid growing, the company has become the key market leader in the southern part of Vietnam, the name Phong Vu synonymous with the retail of computer and electronic components.

The company has lately carried out ambitious plans to widen its presence, both geographically and digitally. Currently Phong Vu has 33 stores and showrooms in major locations across the country. Aiming to stand out among electronic powerhouses like Thegioididong or FPT shop, Phong Vu has made the bold but wise strategic decision to focus on the higher, exclusive end of computer retail, catering mostly to gamers and professional graphic designers. As part of its plan to conquer the youth segment, Phong Vu has sponsored many e-sport tournaments and employed gamer KOLs in its marketing efforts. Concurrently, since 2019, the company has started selling smartphones from multiple brands via its website at competitive price points.

Ever since its inception, Phong Vu has made it its goal to provide excellent customer care. Now, as the company continues to expand, the management of customer services and other agencies becomes more and more demanding. It is evident that for a company of that size to maintain a high level of services and operation, a complete digitalization of offline data is absolutely vital. After careful considerations, Phong Vu has selected Palexy to be its partner as the company continue on its digital transformation journey.



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