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Palexy's core working and hiring principles

by Anh H. Nguyen

Success stories in the startup world are great at inspiring and galvanizing people, but could also give them a distorted view of reality. We see this all the time: when a company gets too big, it could morph into a faceless, all-encompassing entity, while the founders adopt a larger-than-life, almost mythologized persona. That is why sometimes it is easy to forget that great companies are most importantly made of great employees.

For young startups, recruitment could be the single most critical step in establishing a sustainable future. While every decision regarding the running of a startup could mean the difference between thriving and failure, hiring the wrong people is still one of the costlier mistakes to make. More often than not, a startup working environment often resembles a close-knit family. Therefore, working side by side with people unfit for the organization is not only a waste of money but also time and energy. Making bad recruitment decisions could bring down morale, drain resources, and even steer the company towards destruction.

Palexy's hiring fundamentals in a nutshell

On the other hand, having employees who are not only qualified but also enthusiastic and share in the ambition is a dream come true for all startup founders. With Palexy, it is a case of quality over quantity, substance over glitz. Even since founder Tony Do laid the foundation of Palexy, he has been invariably clear about what he looks for in his co-workers. They must possess all three hard-to-find traits: talent, grit, and strength of character. In that respect, he has the same idea as Warren Buffet, who says that you need to look for intelligence, energy, and integrity when interviewing job candidates.

It may seem like an impossibly tall order at first. Finding a person with one, or two characteristics is difficult enough. But all three? One may have better luck go looking for a needle in a haystack ... of needles. But Tony Do has faith in his hiring philosophy. He believes that like attracts like, and that Palexy's positive energy coupled with compelling product vision could draw in and motivate like-minded people. After 2 years, the data have spoken and proven him right: 80% of Palexy's current employees are acquaintances. In other words, people who work for Palexy not only identify themselves strongly with the company but also enjoy it enough to invite their friends, and the cycle continues. As a consequence, Palexy's company culture is strong and harmonious despite its people having vastly different skill sets.

The ABCs of Palexy's value system

So you are a smart, highly-driven individual with a strong sense of decency, and you are interested in working at a fast-paced company. You might wonder, what does working at Palexy entail? And how does the company's hierarchy play out? How may your performance be measured, and what impact may you have?

First of all, Palexy is a customer-centric company. This organization is borne out of a burning desire to solve real problems. Our first priority, always, is to help our clients realize their potential, to bring something extra to the table, and to give good services. We think of ourselves as miracle workers for modern businesses. Here, the work is challenging but comes with an immense sense of reward, since we could see our clients reap the benefits of our solutions almost instantaneously. Without our clients and their very real issues to tackle, there would be no point of Palexy existing at all. Therefore, all Palexy's workers must strive to create value for our clients - that is the only way we could ourselves become a valuable ally and a household name.

The second biggest point in Palexy's management style coincides with our most remarkable specialty. As a Big Data technology startup, all day we look at, analyze, tweak, take part, dream, and breathe data. The first thing we advise our clients is to momentarily put aside all pre-conceived notions of doing business and let data guide the way. That is also how we encourage, instruct, and rate our employees. At Palexy, actions speak louder than words, and results count more than ideas. There is no pecking order at Palexy other than that, no seniority or favoritism: everyone could voice their opinions, but those better be backed by data. If you have worked at other corporations that put facts and figures on the back burner, being an employee of Palexy may require you to recondition your thinking. But if you believe in the superiority of fact-based decision making, then you will shine at our company.

Last but not least, every employee of Palexy needs to work well as part of a team, but also need to essentially function as an one-man, or one-woman army. There is very little to no hand-holding at Palexy, but also no watching-over-the-shoulder, either. We only recruit the best and brightest in their respective fields, and as such, expect our people to be fully able, reliable, responsible, and autonomous. Everyone at Palexy is the owner of his/her work, taking sole care of it from the conceptualization, the realization, and the delivery. There is supreme trust placed on each person to fulfill their tasks to the best of their ability. Palexy runs like a well-oiled machine, or rather a top sport car in which every automotive part is of the highest caliber.

To find out if Palexy is the right fit for you, please visit the team at, learn about our products at, or send us your resume at We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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