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Palexy officially became a Google Technology Partner

Singapore. -- February 25, 2018. --

On this day, Palexy officially became a Google Technology Partner. As part of this alliance, Palexy has been certified to run on Google Cloud Platform. Thanks to Palexy's outstanding in-store analytics and Google Cloud's prominent platform, this partnership will help retailers unlock the vast, untapped potential of customers' insights.

Data is power. It always has been; and now Big Data is no longer the talk of tomorrow. Hiding inside the sometimes overwhelming wealth of information is the key to a better future for all mankind, and it is up to companies like Palexy to harness this power. As Big Data and AI rapidly reshape every industry, it is critical for retailers to catch up. Every customer who goes in your store or visits your website gives a crucial piece of information that could take your profit, your reputation, and your standing to new heights. Ignore this information at your own peril, since many other companies have already jumped on the Big Data bandwagon.

Palexy provides an end-to-end service to retailers, from running early pilots to outlining applicable insights. Benefits include:

- Giving retailers an accurate rundown of their in-store customers' demographics and their preferences.

- Helping retailers gain a clearer understanding of their in-store customers' behaviors.

- Utilizing customers' insights to boost sales, curate marketing campaigns, and enhance the customers' experience.

- Maximizing store's staff performance and productivity.

- Minimizing losses and other security risks.

For more information, please visit our website:



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