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Owen joins forces with Palexy for 4.0 digital transformation of business

Vietnam's leading menswear brand becomes Palexy's first client in the male fashion segment.

Ho Chi Minh City. -- September 4, 2020 -- Aspiring fashion retailers hoping to break into the Vietnam's market could draw some inspiration from Owen's origin story. In 2008, CEO Pham Thi Tuyet founded Kowil Vietnam as a distributor for Winny, a women's loungewear brand. As Winny continued to prosper, CEO Tuyet turned to the menswear sector and invested a good deal of resources in founding Owen, a brand new label solely focused on men's fashion. It was a bold move. Male fashion at that time was largely an afterthought and relegated to the back of the magazines, the styles dull and derivative. There was not a single brand dedicated to menswear. Owen's arrival filled in that blank.

It was not smooth sailing all the time, however. While Owen was committed to bringing the latest trends to Vietnam's doorstep, such as the slim fit dress shirts in multiple colorful hues, the majority of male customers were not receptive at first, deeming them frivolous or unmanly. It was due to an outdated notion that being fashion-forward or occupied with appearance in any way were a sign of anti-masculinity. It took years of sheer ingenuity and persistence, but the efforts were worthwhile. Nowadays, Owen is the number one brand of menswear in Vietnam. Not only does Owen continue to flourish, it also manages to introduce innovative, high-quality, and environmentally friendly materials to the masses, e.g. breathable, lightweight, UV-resistant fabrics made from bamboo fibre, lotus fibre, coffee ground fibre, etc.,

CEO Tuyet is ambitious about Owen's future as an international player - the brand's partnership with Itochu, one of Japan's leading trading companies, made that evident. Meanwhile, she has not lost sight of the next dual steps: to create deluxe experience befitting the most discerning clientele, and to carry out business operations at the top level of efficiency, both by using 4.0 technology. Owen's strategic partnership with Palexy is key to that undertaking. With Palexy's groundbreaking solutions by its side, Owen is poised to become a major presence in the male fashion scene, not only in Vietnam but also the world at large.



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