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Palexy has become an officially certified ISO/IEC 27001 holder

by Anh H. Nguyen

In 2022, Palexy became the proud holder of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, issued by Bureau Veritas, one of the most prestigious organizations specialized in inspection and certification. The ISO/IEC 27001 standard is a suite of structures and activities designed to manage information risks. In Vietnam, there are only around 800 companies that have successfully completed the audits to get certified, mostly of which are large companies such as FPT and CMC.

Although a young company, Palexy has expanded our operations to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, and subsequently needs to meet more security requirements from our international clients. Early on we have decided to invest a good deal of resources and efforts from the highest level to improve our system and get the certification, not only to give our clients peace of mind but because we, as a technology company, take information and data security extremely seriously. The audit to grant us this standard will also be conducted on a yearly basis, ensuring that our security measures are always rigorous and adhered to.

The more advanced our technology becomes, the more vital it is for us to stay on top of the handling of information. It is our sincere hope that this certification demonstrates our commitment to data security and privacy, and that more technology companies in the region would also set an example.



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