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This contest is held by Palexy. Contest will be open until 3pm on June 13th, 2024, after which the winning entry will be selected and announced. The winner will have until 5pm on June 13th, 2024 to come to our booth and collect the prize.


to enter the contest, simply answer all questions below and 送信 your answers before
3pm, june 13th, 2024.


    in our booth, a tv screen continuously plays 動画 footage of a retail store. at the beginning of each replay, a countdown will appear. 

    in order to win, you need to watch the footage carefully and provide the closest answers to the following questions. the most 正確 responses will determine the winner. if there are more than one 正確 entry, the earliest will win.

4. Your contact information so we can reach out to you if you win:

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